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the ArtHouse

because Life is an interactive Art Gallery


The overall Aim is

the Creation of a "LIVE" portfolio for SOLARIS,

the exportable Communal business solution

to go ahead global wide



The First 6 Months are designed to prepare the foundational

context for the 2nd part of the ARTHOUSE year



Artistic Practice and the SETTING UP OF


  • Relevant Logistics/ Processes & Structures

  • Cafe

  • Wholesale Arrangements 

  • Food Runs (regular Pick up of Produce & Food leftovers from Restaurants, Health Food shops & Supermarkets for usage in Cafe and Soup Kitchen

  • Activation of Recycling Crew to systematically harvest:

@ Surplus Materials/ 

Objects from Dumping Grounds and Recycling Centres 


@ Factory outlets and Waste-Packinging Materials

Freecycle & Gumtree Freebies 


All objects/materials and "waste" is collected for productive use towards the restauration of the Building, to handfurnish the interieur design of the ARTHOUSE and start with specific workshops (such as Sculptural/ Ceramics) in order to generate everyday objects needed in Cafe etc)



  • Regular Fundraising events where people can donate their surplus on chairs, plates, cups, sofas etc to avoid further landfill and bring a colourful patchwork spirit into the space

  • Social marketing and Creation of strong online presence and

  • CREATION of ARTHOUSE TV (starting off as an ART HOUSE YouTube CHANNEL) 




The 2nd half of the Arthouse year is all about opening up the holistic wealth

established in the ARTHOUSE by that time to the Public, 

concluding the whole year with a week long Festival celebrating TOGETHERNESS:


Through the wealth of activities (Classes, Events & Educational Workshops),

Diverse Enterprising endeavors (Cafe, Indoor Markets, Cycling, Curating independant 

exhibitions, the On-Site selling of artistic & innovative  & Health related Products) 

we are creating an opportunity to Show - Cast: 

• the POSITIVE SOCIAL CHANGE through actual achievements, results 

& Ongoing projects that have and are happening in the ARTHOUSE 

• Demonstrating the effectiveness of Community building as A UNIVERSAL TOOL 

for transforming pressing societal & individual challenges on a root level, as well as

• The general sustainability of the project 


So the Progression to SOLARIS, as a franchiseable communal business solution for empty buildings a sheer necessity. 





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