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the ArtHouse

because Life is an interactive Art Gallery

@ Our extended Team is Project based.

Associates involve a broad spectrum of professionals, organisations and companys.Eg Architects, Plumpers, Carpenters who professionally instruct, guide and teach interested volunteers for all relevant Restauration jobs.  


@ The building itself becomes an Art project, is refurbished & hand crafted by involving the neighbourhood via communal ongoing workshops.


@ Ongoing "Recycling workshops teach People ENTREPRENEURIAL Skills & techniques (eg upholstery, Carpentry) that they can use to set up their own companies.


To illustrate this point:

  • Sofas found on the streets of London can be upholstered using beautiful fabrics,

  • Empty walls can be creatively tiled using broken ceramics, plates and other objects

  • Chairs and tables in the café are hand-built and wood carved from wood found and cut to size  

  • Plates and cups in the café are handmade in a ceramic workshop 


@ The ARTHOUSE is being furnished using Freecycle/Gumtree& Fundraisers. Using in particular communal Fundraising events, People can donate surplus on chairs, plates, cups, sofas avoiding landfill.


@ A rich resource for finding existing material are Shops/ Factories with their endless waste of packaging material & surplus & waste of unsold products. Also Materials & objects discarded and found in London's street, harnessed from Dumping Grounds and Recycling Places


@ Our recycling workshops are designed to literally transcend obsolete consumerist habits, retrain our conditioned eyes, shift outdated perspectives on all levels by focusing on REUSING EVERYTHING...

Focusing on turning waste into treasurable Gold.

We are setting (reproducable) standards through  "Natural Recycling" creating (functional) Art from so-called Rubbish that is then used to furnish the space,

Turning The ARTHOUSE into a permanent Gallery

that is SYNERGETICALLY marketing itself

and its many workshops, events and activities!


Watch the inspired SCRAPHOUSE

demonstrating these principles HERE

Practical Application of 

Recycling principles

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