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the ArtHouse

because life is an interactive Art Gallery


Harmony in our lives is a natural extension

of a sense of being at peace with who we are and

living our lives in accordance with our inner truth 


A key element here is the inclusion of ALL Elements/ Aspects within our own Psyche, welcoming ALL of us unconditionally

in order to transmute Victimhood and move into full sovereign Creator Mode.


Becoming whole in this most fundamental sense allows the unfoldment of our uniqueness, our authentic expression through the intentional Transformation of unwanted (Shadow-) aspects from their (repressed and judged) base state to their highest, most elated version.


SOLARIS is designed to be a Laboratory to

CONSCIOUSLY transition human relationships from old style

"Power over others" hierarchical type structures into a totally equalised perspective that harnesses the only genuine source of power there is, that of "Mastery over One's own Inner Republic"

within a universe that is without a doubt interconnected.



Every brilliant Idea/ Project/ well meaning Community in the Past

has been endangered by unchecked negative EGO,

leading to excessive Power Struggles, conformist HiveMind-Mentality &

the oppression of the indeed essential individual need for Self Actualisation. 

As we we learn to efficiently operate "the PARADOX" between the Group and its individual members, we start understanding that we NEED empowered Self-actualised human beings to actually successfully sustain ANY type of Community.


To practically implement the NEW PARADIGM,

SOLARIS is experimenting with: 


Anchoring awareness of our Creator-ship in all Areas of our lives,

in particular around our most pressings challenges. 

As a human collective we are now learning to make conscious use

of ANY arising conflicts in our own lives, in particular in demanding group situations to EVOLVE unhealed aspects within ourselves


  • These processes will be facilitated through Ongoing Self Empowerment workshops & mediated Group Work enabling honest Self Inquiry and a new form of TogetherNess that embodies "Unity through Diversity"


  • This is accompagnied by Guided "Shadow-Work", the resolve and clearance of emotional toxicity, unadressed lingering Trauma, addictive patterns and obsolete mental debris


Despite the relatively <loose Umbrella character> governing SOLARIS as a blueprint,

it is important to focus on Community building aspects that also ensure internal harmony between all collaborators as well as efficient coordination and the execution of all relevant tasks necessary to run the day to day activities in a way that potential conflicts 

can be addressed before they start festering....


To guarantee this the following measurements could be implemented,

attendance is recommended but for obvious reasons not obligatory:


  • Short collective gatherings in the morning and in the evenings to start and conclude the day. This is also the time where unexpected things are being addressed and dealt with.

  • A longer weekly gathering. It is here where structural adjustments, general questions and issues can be raised and eventual conflicts will be discussed and mediated.

  • A fixed time of the day for meditation and prayer every day. The meditation and prayers will be of a universal nature


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