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the ArtHouse

because life is an interactive Art Gallery




The Arthouse is a 1 year project in London designed to become a LIVE portfolio for Solaris.

Solaris is an exportable communal business solution centred around restoring empty buildings, turning them into financially sustainable "People oriented" co -operatively owned enterprises! Enterprises which are utilising our innate creativity by actively encouraging

Self actualisation within Unity consciousness


The following people and organisations have agreed to form the Ground Crew, turning Solaris through the 1 year Pilot "the Arthouse" into an exportable communal business solution for empty buildings. 


    @ New Earth Nation

    @ The Grow Project     

    @ The Hive  

    @ Monafounder of Solaris and The Arthouse 



A more detailed overview

The whole ARTHOUSE is anchored in constructively

using one of our most underrated and freely available human resource: 


                                    Our Innate Creativity


through life areas that are treasured in every culture throughout all of history.


The ArtHouse is essentially the first unique physical incarnation of SOLARIS, utilising a Key feature of Solaris: 

The professional restauration of one of the many empty building in London 

in order to establish a financially viable communal business


The ArtHouse is a natural Change catalyser on many traditional conflicted front lines, frontlines which were bringing down many well meaning communities in history.This is most prominently captured in the age old tension between an "excessive narcissistic kind of Individualism" the streamlining Hive-Type communities aiming to eradicate our uniqueness.


Through its own brand of creative community building, SOLARIS is able to bring an organic termination to the eternal conflict between the individual and the Group (which is ultimately all of humanity). KEY here is to understand

that LIFE IS ULTIMATELY a PARADOX & the key to makethe paradox work 



Collectively stepping out of Victim consciousness into Creator consciousness (redefined):

We ALL are creative in our own ways and each individual's unique creative gifts & talents  are actually required to move beyond what is turning out to be a global system collapse, 

CONSCIOUSLY CREATING a new Earth together.


THE ARTHOUSE is practically demonstrating that the universal principles & buildings blocks operating throug the SOLARIS blueprint are  navigate the challengessustainable & can be used to help us of our revolutionary times. NAVIGATE them through an applied spirit of:

Self-governing individual Freedom & unconditional Love for all beings involved.


SOLARIS' universal buildings blocks are as followed:


@ SOLARIS as an enterprise can be set up anywhere in the world,

completely independent of the social, cultural or climatic conditions of it’s specific environment

and is build around it's 4 main cornerstones: ART, HEALING, ECOLOGY & COMMUNITY:)


@ SOLARIS features a powerful inbuilt financial engine, in order to ensure it's (economic)                    sustainability

@ One of SOLARIS' most prominent export features is to bring empty premises back into    thriving circulation through creative community building that empower the whole neighbourhood.
@ SOLARIS is fusing Community & Business through universal building blocks everyone loveshence 
providing a working environment where the human spirit thrives 

as people actually enjoy what they doing on a day 2 day basis.
@ SOLARIS has the capacity to address many of the most pressing global challenges

humanity is now facing, addressing them on a local scale, in a hands-on manner

through a diverse tool box and practical means which are readily available to everybody,

again completely independent of peoples ethnic background, age, gender, sexualityspiritual affiliations.

One of these pressing challenges is a spiritual malaise, commonly misunderstood and labelled as Depression. This particular brand of Depression is on the rise everywhere.


Depression profoundly disables the human spirit from naturally wanting to thrive and create.

Depression is the supression of our vital life force, the repression of who we truly are, leading to addiction, criminal behaviour& poverty both: inside as well as on an expressed material level. Because of it's many and complex expression, the strategies to alleviate can't be pinpointed to a "one size fits all" recipe.

Yet the organic processes of community building based on universal principles have proven to be one of the most important ways of addressing a life style illness

that is in truth simply reflective of the fundamental shortcomings of our modern day world.


There are usually a number of things present when depression strikes or has been chronic for some time.  distinctive lack of factors required to build health on all levels within the life of an individual:


•   from nutritionally deficient, usually processed foods,

•   lack of movement and exercise,

•   the absence of strategies to quiet the mind leading to worries and unnecessary stress,

•   an inability to process emotions (often stemming from major trauma) which then leads to destructive           compensation mechanisms such as drugs, socially destructive behaviour and other addictions,

•   The learned impossibility of the individual to relax naturally and most importantly

•   The individual in spiritual pain for neither being attuned with themselves nor their vocation,

     therefore lacking purpose & meaning in their own life


All of the above conditions are framed by 2 additional structural components of our modern life:


•  The ever present Self isolation of the individual needing to belong, needing love & a sense of   connection as well as

•   a societal indoctrination discouraging the pursuit of one's unique calling and passion.


Solaris as a community building platform that actively encourages the pursuit of individual happiness as an essential pre-requisite to allow sustainable genuine Group cohesion is able to naturally address & transcend literally every single one of the aforementioned precursors leading to whats dubbed, drugged & stigmatised as mental illness, 


 Yet in actual reality marks a profound spiritual initiation, a rite of passage into sovereign Selfhood. 


ArtHouse overview

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