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the ArtHouse

because Life is an interactive Art Gallery


As Sir Ken Robertson pointed out so wittily in his Ted lecture,

"How Schools kill Creativity",

that Creativity is the single most valuable skill to acquire,

as we clearly do not know what is required of Future Generations

to navigate the Course of Human Evolution


Indeed it has become obvious that our Education System is as obsolete as it can get, with outdated textbooks locked in a mechanical materialistic worldview that has been dated since the emergence of Quantum mechanics well over a century ago. 
A SCIENCE based new worldview confirming the wisdom of the Ages,

establishing a whole new paradigm of factual Interconnectedness and the multidimensionality of our existence, infiltrating every single area of our lives.

Mainstream Education is turning highly individual Genius Kids into robotised little cogs who fit into a depressingly uniformed society.

This often goes hand in hand with overworked Parents too stressed out to provide a genuinly stimulating environment that ensures the development of healthy Self esteem within the child required to capitalise on their strength and natural talents.


So where are the solutions

The Solutions are lying in the full activation of our INNATE CREATIVITY

Creativity is indeed the very spine of learning.


The Activation of our Creative potential requires Confidence, and Confidence is a skill that can be learned,a skill that naturally extends from Self esteem, 

from honouring who you uniquely are.

The Creative Process itself requires the ability to try things out without the ever present fear of being wrong or looking stupid, to make mistakes and simply reframe them as information feedback for course correction, to explore whats yours and what's to let go off, to enjoy the process without getting overly fixated on the outcome etc.

Simply put: Invaluable Life skills with the added Social/ Emotional Skills because most activities at the ARTHOUSE are Group based.


Combining these two factors: 

and one can witness how people naturally starting to thrive."



So the ARTHOUSE turns into a natural school, simply because 


@ COMMUNITY happens NATURALLY, once space, relevant Skills and a group of well intended people are COMING TOGETHER in any given social environment.


@ EDUCATION happens effortlessly within a communal environment offering many diverse activities to which the individual gravitates according to their unique blend of talents and interests. Essential life skills are holistically taught through actual experiences and the value of healthy self esteem (as a prerequisite for all learning) is emphasized within a non hierarchical social structure.


@ HEALING happens organically within such a healthy CONSCIOUSLY facilitated environment, because genuine holistic change is INSPIRED rather than educated "upon"


@ INTEGRATION happens authentically once so called disenfranchised individuals are being empowered towards self actualisation within a community that welcomes their uniqueness


@ (Financial) SUSTAINABILITY is inbuilt into a communal business that is encouraging both, promoting the individuals right to be who they are WITHIN a context that frames all group experiences through practices focusing on Unity consciousness


--a natural School

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