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Vocation instead of work

Full-time employment is an illusion!


(Industrialisation/ Digital age and intelligent machines

making many old job sectors either completely obsolete or drastically reduce the requirement of actual human contribution)

This new situation delivers powerful coordinates

for totally re-contextualising

our whole notion of "Work" altogether.


Our so called Human resources

also known as our innate Creativity is indeed

the most valuable

yet most under-rated force on the planet.


The principle of thriving neighbourhoods,

of productive Community is economically relevant.


Solaris is capitalising on community building

through people attending to their natural talents and curiousity, following their bliss rather than being pressurised and streamlined by the dictate of bare survival and the necessity

to generate money just to make a living.


It has been recognised that individual Happiness

is a massive factor in enhancing performance in the work environment because happy people are simply more productive, more motivated and healthier.

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