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Public Art

It seems an absurdly bizarre notion that humans can thrive

in uniformed looking grey cement cities, shopping in neon lit consume temples for uniformed products, produced from slave labour somewhere in a distant country, streamlined every day into their uniformed working environment to a soul- sucking job they hate, with nothing else but the uniformed looking entertainment industry to distract them from whats missing in their life and little patches of overcrowded green in between all of it to remind them of the fact that there is indeed life beyond their urban misery.


Tapping into what has become known as Recycling Art and/or Eco-Architecture the process of bringing empty derelict buildings back into thriving circulation becomes also part of a natural solution for mountains of waste in dumping grounds and on the streets,

surplus material from shops and factories and free-cycle movements already in existence.

Literally anything can be turned into (functional) Art,

furnishing the buildings with uniquely crafted beautiful pieces from the inside out, which then start advertising in return the workshops and ongoing classes in which hey have been fabricated.

In the very same way the evening's food waste from restaurants, supermarkets and health food shops can be utilised to provide the raw sustenance for on-site cafes and soup kitchens

inside each Solaris satellite.

Any little patch of green, including roof tops and empty jars on window sills for sprouting living enzyme packed lentils, beans and grains lend a fertile ground to grow perma-cultural little paradises serving a multitude of different purposes such as growing one's own food, practically demonstrating the interconnectedness of all creation and enhancing the wellness of body/ mind spirit by providing natural places for communal gathering and retreat everywhere in the city.

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