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Traditionally communities have suffered greatly from power struggles with a tendency to encourage herd mentality, which in return is discouraging new influences, people and resources to stimulate constructive growth.

In order to preserve a static group identity, the strict adherence to written-in-stone policies are often used to suppress vital stimulants for expansion such as self initiative and individual expression.

This has also often been portrayed as an underlying stream of ongoing conflict between the western world and more traditional societies, especially as they meet in big city environments such as London.

Solaris is recognising the power of both: individuality AND the power of the group in order to navigate dynamically between the two ingredients necessary for sustained growth:

Preservation and Expansion.


In fact every group aiming to be sustainable

needs empowered individuals!


This dynamic is being re-assured through various structural components and procedures such as:


- Community owned assets (including building, resources etc)

- a pronounced commitment towards self-empowerment,

   the recognition of individual talents (for example through paid                        further Training, promotion of individual achievement

   through Art exhibits etc) and the encouraged pursuit of (individual)                  happiness

- TOTAL transparency of all financial procedures and transactions

- regular open councils

- productive resolve of Conflict between Solaris participants, through the            acknowledgment of conflict as a vehicle to evolve both, the involved parties    as well as the problem itself.


This requires solution oriented approaches towards potentially emerging conflicts encouraging all involved parties to come out of

victim consciousness, address shadow aspects and instead actively start to see the conflict as a potent opportunity to gain new insights for their own personal growth.


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