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One of the most pressing challenges humanity is facing is

a spiritual malaise, commonly misunderstood and labelled as Depression.

This particular brand of Depression is on the rise everywhere


Depression profoundly disables the Human Spirit wanting to thrive & create.

Depression is the suppression of our vital life force

leading to Addiction, Criminal Behaviour, Poverty

both on the inside as well as on an expressed material level.


Because of it's many & complex expression, the strategies to alleviate can't be pinpointed to a "one size fits all" recipe.

Yet the Organic Processes of community building based on universal principles have proven to be one of the most important ways in addressing a life style illness that is in Truth simply reflective of the fundamental shortcomings of our modern day world.

There is usually a number of things present when Depression strikes or has been chronic for some time.

Toxicity in the physical/mental & emotional Environments both internally as well as externally. 


A distinctive lack of factors required to build health on all levels within the life of an individual:

  • from nutritionally deficient, usually processed foods,

  • lack of movement and exercise,

  • the absence of strategies to quiet the mind leading to worries and unnecessary stress,

  • an inability to effectively process emotions (often stemming from major trauma) which then leads to destructive compensation mechanisms such as drugs, socially destructive behaviour and other addictions,

  • The learned impossibility of the individual to relax naturally

  • and most importantly The individual in spiritual pain for not being attuned with their "DHarma", therefore lacking purpose and meaning in their life


All of the above conditions are framed by Two additional structural components of our modern life:


  • The ever present Self isolation of the individual needing to belong, needing love & a sense of connection as well as

  • a societal indoctrination discouraging the pursuit of one's unique calling and passion.


SOLARIS as a Community Building Platform

which actively encourages

the pursuit of Individual Happiness

as an essential pre-requisite for sustainable genuine Group cohesion

(ultimately for the whole of Humankind)

 is able to naturally address & transcend

 literally every single one  of the aforementioned precursors

 leading to whats dubbed, drugged & stigmatised as mental illness, 


Yet in actual reality mar profound spiritual initiation, 

a rite of passage into sovereign Selfhood.


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