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Integration of socially marginalised groups

The most disenfranchised groups in every society, and ultimately within the global culture speak volumes about the missing ingredients necessary to built a sane world.


The punishing principle or prolonged catering towards Victimhood as applied towards criminal offenders and people under mental health care have both proven to be inefficient insofar as they are merely administered throughout a maze of bureaucratic institutions if they are lucky and locked away if not!


Root causes of their (self) destructive and Norm challenging behaviour are never addressed,

let alone used to inform the restructuring

of a societal system that actively contributes to the production

of such unwanted dysfunctionalities.


SOLARIS in collaboration with New Earth Nation and

the Grow project

is providing a framework in which criminal offenders

(using their community time) and People on benefits are encouraged to built a thriving community based on the EXCHANGE principles of the popular LET'S LINK so their low income is not preventing them from participating in the offered activities.


Within the SOLARIS environment they get equipped with effective

Self empowerment tools designed to successfully address conditions usually underlying so called Mental Health issues /Addictive Behaviours and Criminal Offences Challenges,

such as the presence of unadressed Childhood Trauma and Abuse, often handed down Generation after Generations.

Healing the Root causes of such destructive behaviours

is then enabling them to gain self esteem,

to learn new valuable skills by offering their time and natural talents to assist running activities around community building.

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