What we offer

Provision of different creative workshop/ activities during the day-time for members of the Public, as well as traditionally disenfranchised individuals associated with the Mental Health and Criminal Justice System who might be backed and funded through various organisations or can exchange participation in the activities through volunteering their time.


Additionally we provide Guardian/ship for the building, including

  • Professional maintenance

  • Protection from potential squatting as well as

  • Upkeeping of the building in regards to its status in the neighbourhood


Our services are divided into 3 Core areas, requiring 3 separate hosting spaces:

  1.   Small Café Area (provision of workshops around nutritional Healing)

  2.   Permanent Workshop for Artists in Residence (Provision of various communal ongoing courses such as Recycling   Sculpture run of the back of their own practice)

  3.   Movement / Sound /Healing Space

         (Provision of various activities such as Dance / Choir / Meditation / Public lectures etc)


What we require:


- In exchange for our day time services we are requesting a rent-free 24/7 space access for an initial 6 month period.

- Our Ideal space needs to be adequately sized to house Sound and Movement based workshops.

- Additionally for Craft-based workshops such as Textile/ Mosaic tiling and Recycling Sculpture workshops we require      a larger space for permanent studio space to enable easy access to relevant tools and materials.

- Linked to this multifunctional bigger space is one or more small (office type) spaces where 1 to 1 mentoring and              privacy needed Counselling / Healing / Massage sessions can safely take place.

- Access to kitchen/ shower facilities onsite



Why 24/7 space access?


In the Evening/ Night time the Space is utilised by the Artists/ workshop facilitators, which has various benefits for the workshops run in the daytime hours (in terms of logistics, storage and ongoing preparation during the evening hours to guarantee smooth running of the workshops on the following day)


Once a Month

A commercial once/ month weekend event (Friday to Sunday) open to the wider community.


This includes:

- Indoor market (Sat/ Sun daytime)

- Open Mics (Sun Evening)

- DJed Parties (Fr/Sat evening)

- Mobile Smoothie/Juice Cafe (throughout)

- Various workshops (throughout Sat/ Sun daytime)


Where is the Win/Win for the Investor

A fixed (negotiable) percentage of our Profit (income generated minus costs)

made from Space Activities goes back to the Investor

        The "Communal offerings for Artist studio space" DEAL 

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