So how can you get involved?

Help us to help you!

The entire Carnival of Life is geared towars kickstarting an ongoing crowdfund that is ultimately designed to launch other SOUL-utions, scalable global templates for TArA paradise.

ALL of these templates are EXPORTABLE and ALL of them using universal buildings blocks that allow AUTHENTIC community building anywhere in this world!

Please click HERE for the CarnivalOfLife booklet pdf and for a quick overview of these 5 solution-templates and note that each one of them has their own PDF booklet (available on explicit request) that explains why they are literally designed in the most practical ways to address the crossroad Spirit of ours collective Times, why they work and why you WANT to get involved!

Please Click HERE for a comprehensive



and the Investment Package for the PILOT project to HERE

Designed to demonstrate the vcarious SOUL-utions elements

for the AUTHENTIC community building we have started to put into cohesive Action

This Is what how you can help us RIGHT NOW

We are looking for a SKILLED, PASSIONATE Social media marketing wizard, that loves to create magic online, can seize opportunity and kick in doors for all the right WIN/WIN reasons!

Pklease take note of the IMAGEbank

available HERE, as an excting selling/ launching edge for the Carnival of Life

Property/ empty Buildings/ Spaces

 You have any of the above dwelling spaces sitting empty, waiting for constructive use? YES PLEASE:::)))

We have Solutions that work not just for you and the building, but for us and everyone else involved and yes also with a Return on Investment that might be just what the DOxtOr ordered

Please see One of the many uses HERE

There are many different truly uplifting opportunities for volunteers to become part of a life/ world -changing movement,

Please send us UR proposal/ video HERE and how you would love to contribute