This is the first batch of songs that I partly used already in a "Walking Mantra Performance" you can watch HERE

They form the current backbone for free joinable WALKS  taking place in 2021 all over London. Feel free to email me songs/ and links to lyrics that you feel could be added to this Song pool towards natural Expansion into the "RAMBLERS RAVE", a moving Carnical of Life. ......Please see the first proposal for this exportable concept HERE 

(1) The Long sun 

May the Long Time Sun….Shine upon you…All love surround you……And the pure light ….within you… Guide your way on……Guide your way on Listen to a version of the song HERE:


(2) Birthday suits

Birthday suits come in all kind of Patterns, colours and sizes,But they don’t have no pockets at all  and you know that when you will go, you will take nothing with you at all Listen to a version of the song HERE:



(3) Gayatri Mantra

Om Bhur Bhuvah Suvah …..Thath  Savithur Varenyam Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi …Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodayath  Approximated Translation: :We contemplate the glory of the Light illuminating the 3 worlds: gross subtle and causal. I am that vivifying power, love, radiant illumination and divine grace of universal intelligence. We pray for the divine light to illuminate our minds ....Listen to a version of the song HERE



(4) Earth Mantra

Round and round the Earth is turning, Turning always until morning and from morning

until night.......   Listen to a version of the song HERE:



(5) Jewish Peace song

Hevenu Shalom Aleichem, Hevenu Shalom Aleichem, Hevenu Shalom Aleichem Hevenu Shalom – Shalom – Shalom – Aleichem Shalom Chaverim, Shalom Chaverim – Shalom- Shalom. L’hitra’ot - L’hitra’ot Shalom, Shalom    Listen to a (choir) version of the song HERE



(6) Ashram Blessings – A Song from India

May the love we sharing spread its wings, Fly across the earth and bring True Joy to every Soul that is alive

Loka samasta sukinoh Bavantuh May all the beings of all the worlds  be happy .Listen to  the song HERE


(7) River song  - The river is flowing
Flowing and growing
...The river is flowing
Back to the sea

Oh Mother carry me
Your Child I will always be Oh Mother carry me.....
Back to the sea

(8) Mother I hear your heartbeat/ (original: Windsong Dianne Martin) 1996

Mother I feel you under my feet,
Mother I hear your heartbeat Mother I feel you under my feet,

heya heya heya yah heya heya ho
heya heya heya heya heya ho
Mother I hear you in the River song,
eternal waters flowing on and on.
Mother I hear you in the River song,
eternal waters flowing on and on
heya heya heya yah heya heya ho
heya heya heya heya heya ho
Father I see you when the Eagle flies,
Light of the Spirit  take us higher.
Father I see you when the Eagle flies, Light of the Spirit  take us higher.
heya heya heya yah heya heya ho
heya heya heya heya heya ho

(9) Tall trees,---- Tall trees, warm fire....Strong winds, deep water, I can feel it in my bodyII I can feel it in my soul x3      Singing heya heya heya heya heya heya ho 3x

(10) I am a Tower of strength

I´m a tower of strength within and without, I´m a tower of strength within ...all burdens fall from my shoulders, all anxiety slips from my mind. ..I let every shackle be loosened.  I let every shackle be loose

(11) Medicine Wheel (taken from the Native American Indian Tradition)

Verse 1:

When the morning breaks and the sunlight warms my soul In the East the Eagle flies,

and the Red Tail proudly soars I'm on my way to the place of the spirit one Grandfather

hear me now, I am on fire ...Let the sundance guide my feet to your desire Show me visions for my eyes...And words like gold that shimmer in the sun

Chorus: Hyi-ah, hyi-ah, hyi-ah

Verse 2:

When the sun goes down and it grows too dark to see .I look within to the Shaman's mysteries I'm on my way to die and live again..Grandmother Earth I cry, give me rest..I take my place with the woman in the West..Show me the Raven and the Bear.   The way of herbs and the black obsidian. 

Verse 3:

Turn toward the South, like the water I will run..In innocence and trust the Moonchild's song is sung....I'm on my way to the place of the sacred plants...My emotions and my will at their command...Where the Turtle's voice is heard upon the land...The wise Coyote prowls

The Rattlesnake will call me to the dance

Verse 4:

In the deepest night the stars watch over me..Old Woman of the North my mind seeks clarity I'm on my way to the place of the Northern winds..Let the Thunder and the Lightning carry me

Lay my thoughts to rest and send me into sleep..With the Hawk and the Buffalo

My dreams white crystal magic medicine

(12) Amazing Grace,

Verse 1: Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me
I once was lost, but now am found
Was blind but now I see

Verse 2:

T'Was Grace that taught my heart to fear
And Grace, my fears relieved
How precious did that Grace appear
The hour I first believed

Verse 3:

Through many dangers, toils and snares
We have already come
T'was Grace that brought us safe thus far
And Grace will lead us home
Verse 4:

when we have been here 10000 years

bright shining as the sun

we 've no less days to sing gods grace

then when we first begun

(13) Follow the sun

Follow, follow the sun  ---- And which way the wind blows---- When this day is done ---- Breath, breath in the air ---- Set your intentions---- Dream with care ---- Tomorrow is a new day for everyone

A brand new moon, brand new sun---- So follow, follow the sun---- The direction of the birds
The direction of love---- Breath, breath in the air---- Cherish this moment
----Cherish this breath

Tomorrow is a new day for everyone---- Brand new moon, brand new sun  ----When you feel love coming down on you---- Like a heavy wave---- When you feel this crazy society---- Headin' to the strand
Take a stroll to the nearest waters ----And remember your place Many moons have risen and fallen,

long before youve came---- So which way is the wind blowin' And what does your heart say?

So follow, follow the sun---- And which way the wind blows ---- When this day is done...

Great spirit, I've had it
Bring me back to the nomadic
Way of weaving through the damage
Mindful, stay mindful
Great spirit, for my sisters
Let me be a flowing river
Flood the banks, the rocks that bind her
Carry, I'll carry
Great, Great Spirit Oh oo oh  Great, Great Spirit oh oh
Great spirit, for my brothers
Let me be a mountain under
Which he climbs to discover
His process, now that's progress
Great Spirit, all that hinders
Tie reminders to my fingers
I must speak with you more often
Great, Great Spirit Oh oo oh Great, Great Spirit Oh oo oh
Great Spirit, for my relations
Give them strength to face facism
In every single situation
Easy now, go on, speak loud
Great Spirit, take me instead
Guide me down the road of red
Tunkashila, I am saying..praying,

Great great Spirit
Tunkashila 4 times


Great Spirit, just don’t collapse
Nothing but the Earth will last
And I ll be singing sweetly into the darkness. Now Hark this
Great Spirit, on my tongue
Be still, be still, the time will come
When everyone will sing "All Life is Sacred" While I'm waiting
Great Spirit, my fist is up bringing the power to the people
You're a reflection of us
Some of you're people can't hear it
The cries of the Earth
Some of you're people can't feel it
The way that it hurts
And it hurts, Great Spirit
Oh, and it moves, Great Spirit
Interconnected in the wreckage of a paradigm on Its way out, its way out
Speaking of spiritual lyrical testimonies
The spirit that resist weaving around false prophecies
Spirit directed and selected with the message I bring While the ship slowly sinks, I've been directed to sing
I'm like a wrecking ball breaking down the walls of the past
a minimalist living on bliss with the last of my cash You're gonna be justified with how you treated the land
You're gonna be by my side, when I stand and demand a change

Tunkashila 4 times


Great Spirit - Medicine for the People. Nahko. Please listen HERE to the original


(14) Love Letters to God

Give, always give what you can… Even if your allies draw lines in the sand…. And dig, always dig a little deeper… Sometimes it’s hard to be my brother’s keeper Love…. So you let love in Baby…. I am home in the wake of your skin, and it’s crazy How we wear our ceremony…. Always be open to your path and your journey… Yes, she cradles my loneliness… A home in a forest nest… Universal test, feel the weight of my love… Put your hand on my chest… And rest, in the cradle of my arms…. The battle that we face is the place where our scars come from… And to pick up the gun… My love, we are destined to teach these ones… to be brave And never run away… Courage is birthed from the womb on the first light of day… Yeah, the day you were born…. you came out perfect…. Never meant to be torn In silence…. never been so loud in the violence…. Never been so proud of a people …When we’re fighting for a change… Not afraid to lose it all despite all the rage….. We are animals And we cannot be caged…. Provoke us to fight…. So we burn a little sage and write poetry…. Wiser than the enemy will ever be…. The minority And authority… Are you here to protect or arrest me?.... I can’t tolerate the hate, and I'm losing sleep…. Can’t breathe, cause they’re choking out a war in me…. Immorality…. Love letters to God…. Wonder if she reads them…. or if they get lost In the stars, the stars, in the stars …..So many parts to a heavy heart….. If there’s no beginning, then where would you start? …..Start, start, where would you start?.... Human souls….. so we carve 'em into story Totem poles…. Because we’re always searching for a certain goal…. A pattern of physics, a role….. Don’t believe all you’re told…. And open Open up your fist…. A misconception, you can fight like this In praise…., with the power of prayer If God’s on our side…. we can take the stairs To the heavens….. Flipping through my chapter seven….. I live with the snakes in the great deception….No court…. in this country for men… Who steal from their mother on paper with pen…. And we’re tripping…. Down a red dirt road And we’re asking…. Is this the way we should go? Kissing, soft top feet of my goddess… We walk the earth, baby, yeah we got this….. Focus, and it’s redirected…. Grateful, and I’m resurrected…. Stubborn, but I know the way You’re the skin of my drum…. To your rhythm I will sway…. Take my hand… I won’t lead you astray…. We will not go gently into the darkest of days…. Grandma’s here, and she says persevere…. Take a walk in her moccs, tastes a trail of tears….. And our fears…. are the same as they ever were.. Beers…. numb the pain of a holocaust years…. always mobbing in motion… Maybe, baby, be an island or an ocean…. Your arches, how they bend and contract on my conscience…. Never slipped through the grip of my thesis…. And my theory is I shine in your presence… A deliverance… Love letters to God…I  Wonder if she reads them or if they get lost…. In the stars, the stars, in the stars…. So many parts to a heavy heart…. If there’s no beginning….. then where would you start? Start, start, where would you start?